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TV Fireplace

A fireplace and a TV set on one wall is a good solution for many apartments. Our team has experience in this type of project. The project presented below shows just such a solution. In order to be able to do such a project, you need to have knowledge and a lot of experience because of the combination of heating and electrics. We are experienced in this type of orders.

The client asked us a question: a fireplace and a TV set - can this couple get along?

We answered:

Depending on the size of apartment and its layout, we can choose different solutions. The fireplace looks great in the living room, it looks beautiful in the bedroom and even in the bathroom. Before we make a purchase, we must therefore decide where we want to place it.

The living room is undoubtedly the most popular place. No wonder - this is where we spend most of our free time and here we usually want to create a cozy, homely atmosphere.

Many people, however, wonder how to combine a fireplace and a TV set. How can they be arranged safely and aesthetically? You need is a little sense and a good design not to overdo it with gadgets and create an elegant and minimalist living room.

For such combined concepts, it is worth choosing a fireplace that will not be too decorative. We must remember that the second object will be placed a bit above it.

If the fireplace is to be placed above the TV, e.g. in a recess, you will definitely have to be careful when pouring the liquid into the bio-container, so as not to spill it on the TV set.

It is very common practice that clients ask us about advice before they decided what they would like to do. We are always happy to find the best solution for any client wish.

Tiles are very popular, giving the look of luxury and are a long-term investment.

It is important for us that each project is planed very well.

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