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We Offer a Complete Range of Tiling  Services to Meet Your Needs

Tiling Helenski, your professional, friendly, high quality and affordable tiling contractor, for domestic and commercial requirements.

Complete Remodeling

If you are looking to completely change the aesthetics of your kitchen and bathroom, and don't know where to start, we can help you.  We can assist and advise in any changes you are looking to make, with our experience of working with tiles and of working with different tile materials whether it is marble, granite, glass, porcelain, mosaic and so on.

In addition, we offer interior design, so we can plan the whole look for you, as well as removing old tiles, floor coverings and wall coverings, and laying the new tiles for you.

Complete Remodeling
Domestic Tailing Kitchen

Kitchen Remodeling

Tiling Helenski can assist and advise you with kitchen remodeling ideas such as striking the right balance between space and cramming too much in, how to make a kitchen feel bigger when remodeling, choosing a kitchen island, budget friendly kitchen remodeling ideas such as combining high-end elements with more cost-effective features, incorporating a larder, updating flooring to transform a room, designing a kitchen remodel around unusual features such as exposed brick, create split level spaces, repositioning the kitchen, using natural materials for a timeless kitchen look, integrating technology, adding a great lighting scheme, knock down walls or zoning a kitchen.

Bathroom Remodeling

We can assist and advise you with all aspects of bathroom remodeling such as shower location, maximising your shelf storage, using brass accents to add warmth and colour, incorporating a small functional bathroom, making a statement with a sink, and whatever effect you are going for whether it is a white modern bathroom, black powdered room, pebbles, minimal spa bathroom or multipurpose bathroom. Perhaps you would like to go bold with bamboo wallpaper, or make the room appear larger with honeycomb tiles or have a waterfall style walk-in shower. We can work with and create all bathroom types including transitional, modern, contemporary, traditional, farmhouse, industrial, rustic or Mediterranean.

Kitchen Remodeling
Bathroom Remodeling

Home Interior 

Tiling Helenski can transform your home interior with tiling, through the use of different shapes and patterns, or different materials including and not limited to mosaic, natural stone, travertine, slate, marble, granite, glass, ceramic and porcelain.  Perhaps you would like hexagonal tiles, or white tiles, or maybe blocks of colour such as pink or mint green, or mixed pattern style tiles. There are so many choices available and every project is interesting to us.

Home Interior


When it comes to tiling floors, there are a lot of steps to follow, and we ensure each step is followed thoroughly before moving onto the next, whether it is preparing the floor surface, starting tiling in the correct place {often the centre!}, priming the floor if it needs it, measuring up {without making the assumption that opposite walls are equal!}, dry laying the tiles from the middle in both directions up to the walls to help plan out cuts, cutting tiles to fill any gaps, preparing the adhesive, laying the tiles, leaving the tiles to dry, preparing the grout, applying the grout. finishing with sealant, and finally, trying not to walk on the floor for at least 24 hours if possible.

Empty Kitchen
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Bathroom and Kitchen Interior Design

Tiling Helenski can advise and assist you on all areas of bathroom and kitchen interior design. You may be planning a new bathroom or a small upgrade, either way we can assist with adding character and functionality to your home, including relaxing tubs, glamorous vanities, spa-like showers, lighting, wall treatments, ceilings, flooring, cabinetry, and hardware. We can assist with all areas of kitchen interior design including space planning and flow to custom cabinets and countertops, the movement of appliances and plumbing to maximize the use of your space, using creativity to make your kitchen efficient, enjoyable, aesthetically pleasing and fully functional.

Interior Design
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