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Project of Marble Stairs in London

The design of the marble stairs in London was a perfect project. Several people are needed to complete this order.

The main manager of the entire executive project was Tom, of Tiling Helenski. Tom has many years of experience in laying tiles of all kinds. His work delighted the owners so much that the company received new orders.

Marble is a type of stone. Making a stair with marble tiles is one of the more precise works and requires a lot of experience.

As the stairs have many corners and there is a lot of cuts and the marble has veins, you need to know how to connect them to make them look correct and keep the effect smooth.

Stone stairs in this marble have many advantages. In addition to durability, the great advantage of stone stairs is their aesthetic appearance and ease of cleaning.

Both marble and granite are perfect for building stairs. Such stairs are characterized by unique aesthetics and have great charm. Both marble and granite are perfect for an elegant staircase in the living room.

High gloss effect - marble stairs will not disappoint - they can be nicely polished.

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