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White Tiles

This design is based on white tiles.
For decades, white ceramic tiles have belonged to the canon of interior design. White is universal and does not go out of fashion. White tiles, although so rooted in tradition, appear in new versions every year.

This project has a completely pure white tile, in nature such white does not exist. He always has a "direction" - towards the cool, blue or warm side, with the addition of yellow.

As in the case of this project, we often show our clients the benefits white tiles have. They optically enlarge the room. They are universal so they never go out of fashion.

After the work was done, the wall was brightened and appeared enlarged.

Choosing a joint for white tiles is also often not easy.

As we have already mentioned, the white colour does not exist, so there are many shades of this colour. This project had a white grout to blend in with the rest, but at the same time create a beautiful look that you can admire for years.

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